Events - Monday, 10 June 2013

UNFCCC Subsidiary Bodies June 2013

The UNFCCC subsidiary bodies will meet from 3-14 June 2013. SBI 38 and SBSTA 38 will convene.  

dates: 3-14 June 2013   location: Bonn, Germany  

102nd Session of the International Labour Conference

The International Labour Organization (ILO) organizes the International Labour Conference (ILC) annually. Among other agenda items, general discussion at the 102nd session will take place on "Sustainable development, decent work and green jobs". This topic was last addressed at the ILC in 1990, with the presentation of a report on “Environment and the World of Work”. Discussion in 2013 is expected to focus on opportunities for net employment creation, upgrading of existing jobs and social inclusion, and the challenges of job losses from economic restructuring, adaptation to climate change and regressive income effects.  

dates: 5-20 June 2013   venue: ILO Headquarters   location: Geneva, Switzerland  

FT/IFC Investing in Climate Business Forum

Organized by the Financial Times and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), this event focuses on the role of the private sector in addressing climate change through opportunities in green energy, clean technology and water in the emerging Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa (MENA).  

dates: 10-11 June 2013   venue: Swissotel   location: Istanbul, Turkey  

Global Green Growth Summit 2013

The 3rd annual Global Green Growth Summit will be held on 10-11 June 2013, in the Republic of Korea. The Global Green Growth Summit is an annual event centered on green growth and provides an opportunity to review progress and think together about initiatives that can accelerate the transition to a new paradigm of sustainable growth. The two previous Summits were held in 2011 and 2012, and had the themes "Building a Planet-Responsible Civilization" and "Global Governance for Green Growth and the Green Economy," respectively.  

dates: 10-11 June 2013   venue: Songdo Convensia   location: Incheon, Republic of Korea