African Governments Discuss Collaboration to Combat Poaching

11 July 2011: The Lusaka Agreement has called for African governments to become signatories to the Lusaka Agreement on Co-operative Enforcement Operations Directed at Illegal Trade in Wild Fauna and Flora, as a way to fight poaching and other environmental crimes, thus protecting economies.

At a briefing held in preparation for African Elephant Law Enforcement Day, scheduled for 18 July 2011, the Lusaka Agreement Task Force noted that many wildlife crimes are transboundary in nature, and national jurisdictions make hampering this type of crime difficult, while offering lower risks to criminal networks.

Discussions at the briefing also addressed: methods used by poachers; linkages between environmental crimes and other serious and organized crime; threats posed to ecosystems and economies; and the importance of regional platforms in this context. A number of areas for future collaboration were identified, including research and monitoring, law enforcement and policy harmonization. [Kenya Wildlife Service Press Release]