IRENA Launches Renewable Energy Country Profiles Database for the African Region

December 2011: The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has launched its Renewable Energy Country Profiles Database for the African region. The database is a tool provided by IRENA to take stock of renewable energy developments. 

While data availability varies from country to county, the IRENA database notes that comparison is still possible, with important existing differences remaining evident.

The database aims to assists in ascertaining efforts to combat climate change, as well as achieving universal access to modern energy services. It compiles up-to-date data from different sources and elements of the latest IRENA analysis to provide a comprehensive picture of all aspects of renewable energy, including supply, capacity, targets and investment.

The database covers developments in renewable energy from 2008-2012, but it is expected that the database will continue to evolve as more up-to-date data are provided and incorporated. It is also expected that the information provided will continue to expand as new indicators are developed and more user feedback is received in order to improve on the current platform. [IRENA Press Release] [Africa Renewable Energy Country Profiles Webpage]