UNU and Ghana Collaborate on Enhancing Resilience to Climate and Ecosystem Change

8 September 2011: The UN University (UNU) has signed an agreement with partner institutions in Ghana on an initiative on “Enhancing Resilience to Climate and Ecosystem Changes in Semi-Arid Africa: An Integrated Approach.” This initiative is part of the Climate and Ecosystem Change Adaptation and Resilience Research (CECAR) Africa project, which focuses on the vulnerability of terrestrial ecosystem in developing countries to climate change in Africa.

The CECAR Africa Project, a five-year (2011-2016) endeavor, focuses on forecasts and assessment of climate and ecosystem change impact on agrodiversity; risk assessment of extreme weather hazards and development of adaptive resource management method; and the implementation of capacity development programmes for local residents and professionals.

Partners to be involved in the implementation of the project include UNU, the University of Tokyo, the University of Ghana, the Kyoto University, the Ghana Meteorology Agency and the University of Development Studies. [UNU Press Release]